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Little pieces of hope

Little pieces of hope. Surprised again with the arrival and amazed at the feelings that come as a companion to them.   Had I expected them to cease?   To be beyond the hope that they represented themselves as?   Was it because the hope itself was only a dream, or that I felt undeserving somehow?   When the little piece of hope was revealed, for it came unannounced as it always does, it came from a place and direction I could hardly have expected.   Thus, the power of the thing itself.   Unexpected and in some ways even unwanted.   That would have been the better of things, to have been done with the anticipation and grieved the non-coming event so that it could be done with and final.   Like being at grandma’s and you wake in the middle of the night waiting on the grandfather clock striking the hour, you lay in bed and wait, knowing that it will come, if you wound it today. If it had not stopped for some reason, or if the hour was nearing its passing.   You roll o

Breaking Chains

Breaking Chains I was thinking about the way people live and the boxes that are being carried by them.   Some small and hidden in the pockets, some larger and seen in their hands, and others awkward and bulky that obviously cause them to walk in a manner that shows their discomfort.   In that, we tend to want to help the ones with the obvious distress since we can “see” that they need it and we can lend aid.   Although it is easy to see, we can most often be too quick to help and too often help the wrong ones.   Sometimes by intervening before the struggle has produced its intended results. Here is a different way to ponder this issue. Think about the following process: to refine oil there is a tall column and the product that you are refining.   The oil is pumped in at the bottom, heated and then divided into particular items as they move from a liquid to a vapor.   Hotter at the bottom and cooler at the top, the items that get broken down by way of a process