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My Own

My Own Story of the listener. Perhaps this is the most revealing piece I have posted. While I have many tales that I have been told, I have few of my own that I tell. Perhaps it is the same for you. It didn’t seem that important, really.   It was just a story about his day.   The guy was ready to talk, so I engaged. The saga was winding and short.   Direct and specific but not harsh, the words came forth.   Later, when he was done, he looked at me quizzically.   “You are a good listener, like no one I have talked to”, he said, “I feel better.”   The part I played rolled over in my mind.   Like an old 8-track tape that is one continuous loop, it went from the beginning to the end and back again.   It was nothing remarkable, just that I asked a couple of well-timed questions that were direct and specific, and he unpacked his story.   It happens frequently.   I think that it is simply another day, and another person and then they tell me stuff that they have told no one


Better In a way, this is a lament. It is a call to be better, but you must cut through the undergrowth to get there. We all resist this, but some less than others. These are called leaders.    You are to be understood as that you have a set of items common to all people. Some discipline them better and sooner than others, and some bend them to fit a pattern or desired end that will sometimes put them in the side track of success. Able to see it but unable to get back to the mainline of success. Some actually like to go to the siding and to then complain the entire time they are being there, in this place they know so well. They are addicted to victimhood. The book "The Peter Principle" discusses this, and the idea was that you rise to one step above your capability and then will hopefully get moved into the next place back and regain your momentum, but plateau there. Most of the time you will have so soiled your current abode to the point of needing to flee a