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The Quiet Story - Wants to be told

The quiet story. The conversation was between some friends.   The three sat and discussed a topic of interest, but it was not a light topic.   It was engaged and active and with strong understanding and convictions of history and hope, and while not aggressive or adversarial, it came with intensity and intent of purpose.   It was borne of familiarity and the rapport of friends, but it was not random conversation of the day’s activities.   With the intent of a place to go, this conversation walked briskly. While it was on this journey, to a place of understanding, there came a voice of a different tone.   One that was not a stranger, but one that was not frequent.   Friendly, but not quite familiar. Complementary to the subject at hand, but from a place of shadows.   You have heard this voice before, and sometimes been hit by the surprise that it was your own… It is of a timbre and resonance that reveals a strength and vulnerability of which you were not expecting.   Going to a

Important Changes

Important changes When she arrives there is something that happens in you that can only be described as mystical.   It happens in the part of you that catalogs and attends all of the other parts of you… that part of you that is more than reason, but uses reason to know.   It is that part that knows, but is more than knowledge.   And it becomes something that you are now clearly “aware” of.   It becomes important.   And with this attention to it, you are changed. A thousand little parts of you line up to attend to this change.   Some are physiological, perhaps your adrenalin races or the tears flow.   Some are action oriented and you clean things or call others, “can they come?” or “can you help in some way?”   Drive.   It is a word often associated with people that have changed.   They are called “driven” because they have a realigned understanding of needs and actions and results.   There are other action words too, though.   Change can “do” things to you.   We use these

The Night Before

The night before. We all remember the day.   The time is very clear and the moment is fixed in our minds.   The messenger, the note and the feeling.   Deep and clear.   We can talk with great clarity about the sunset and the wind and the surroundings as if it were a painting, for in true fact, it is.   Painted in our mind like a vivid and clear multi-color rendering.   And we can describe it all. Good news or bad, it is there to be recalled and to know.   Surety, firm knowledge and with confidence.   The moment is termed Seminal for a reason, for on that pivot the direction and actions were all hinged and the trajectory was new.   Some things were done with a familiarity and confidence that showed the strength and resolve we expect from conviction and purpose.   Things are done.   Things are said.   Actions and non-actions are intentional. The sentence still is crisp: “It is a girl.”   “Your mom has passed.” “You got the job.”   These and many more are all the same, semina