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The Secret Pocket

The Secret Pocket I watched surreptitiously.   Not sneaking a peek, really, but watching unaware.   I was young and as such not regarded.   But the hand went to the belt, and then returned. I was not sure what was there, but I knew that it was something worthwhile.   Worthy of keeping, but not to be shown.   Years went by.   The behavior didn’t stop, and it didn’t change, even though the places and people and times changed.   I was older now, but still not clear on what was transpiring.   So, I asked. “Grandpa?”, I started, “why do you do that?” “What is going on?”   He was surprised, but only a little, at my bold and direct manner. We were able to see into each other’s eyes… he knew he could not put me off on this.   “It is my secret pocket”, he said.   “A place that I don’t show to others.” “You have one as well, but it is in a different place for you”.   I pondered a bit, but I had no places that were secret.   No spot in my belt, no extra part of a regular

The Broken Prayer

The Broken Prayer… Habakkuk What was it that I needed to do?   I prayed with faith.   I prayed with expectation. I prayed unceasing. I cried out early in the morning. I cried out in the cool of the evening. I prayed with others, and I prayed alone.   I had a contrite spirit. Didn’t I? You promised, and I cried out.   What was I missing?   What was I to do?   My Prayer was broken…I was alone. In my aloneness I found disappointment.   In my hurt I found that anger was close.   Not hostile and not HOT, but very much real and very much close.   Something that I needed to deal with, certainly, but I wasn’t certain as to how or even how much time I could take.   When I had gathered a bucket full of hurts I had still not found a way to empty it.   In truth, the bucket wasn’t that heavy and had not become a real burden yet so I had a tolerable level of pain. It did have a nice handle! The trouble came when I received the last, or rather the latest, hurt.   The fact


Sneetches The Dr. Suess story of the Sneetches has been used for many years as a polemic against bias and exclusive behavior.   It is that, and that is still a good message.   The star or lack of it, the removal or replacement of it does nothing about the attitude and training.   The vocabulary, expectations, and word usage that the years of living as a star belly brings to any conversation, and with it an understanding and sense of self that simply transcends the placement if a star, is then understood by the others in the group that have the same history.   This was revealed in India when they tried to abolish the "class" structure.   The life style and patterns of the   "untouchables" was evident in a very short conversation, regardless of the transformed appearance that a new set of clothes would bring.   There became a short set of "but of course" moments that showed which side of the program you were on.   You cannot change the years