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Crucible Why is it always a surprise how hot things get and so quickly? Crisis builds slowly and then all of a sudden it is intense and endless.  The story is always the same.  Things are simply going the way things go, and then three separate decisions combine and all hell is raging and your hair is on fire.  It comes as a surprise, or I would have been prepared.  Why am I surprised, again? Friends suck, that is why it hurts.  That is why you are not prepared.  That is why you were guarded.  How then did it happen again?  What did you miss, that let them get past the barriers?  The heat will not let up, this I know from the last time.  Ok, the last several times… Here I am, in the vessel filled with the debris of many bad decisions.  Good parts and bad.  Broken and whole.  The heat will melt it all into a soup that will easily pour into a new mold.  First will come the flux that grabs what I thought was important and take it away.  It has happened time and again and it is the same eve