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The Shadow of things

The shadow of things Intimacy is elusive, tantalizing, needed.   We need as much as we need to give, and yet for all of the same reasons we are coy and selective and withholding as much as we are seeking, hoping, trying to find and keep hold of it.   Fears, impotence, and being alone keep us from moving deeper in the relationships that would also provide that very same intimacy, and for those very same reasons.   Pain, distrust, vulnerability.   So we withhold even trying. So we hide our inner selves, and we protect with a shell of busy, coolness, space, achievements, things, and people.   Shallow, glass lined souls that we use as protection and familiarity so that we don’t have to think.   So that we don’t have to know.   So that we don’t have to feel. The irony is that we already know.   It shows up in quick flashes of anger that get pressed down with lightning speed when someone threatens to expose our glass house for what it is.   We get filled with envy when w


Constellations Stars in combinations are a curious thing.   Written across the night sky by your imagination.   Or that of others, from times long past, perhaps.   Just an outline of points that run into pattern of stationary shapes.   Night after night.   The same, and yet changing with the seasons and the position of the earth. The pattern of things that are familiar and of those less known.   Some have meaning and some point to something larger.   Individual and combined together.   Why is it that the North Star is always there stationary, and others spin around in the pirouette of the dance of the night… Stable and yet changing.   The odd way that some stars are closer but less bright and some farther and more intense.   For the simple and the complicated combinations of small clusters that look like only one, until you get some help of the telescope.   Then it comes to the truth of the thing. And then you know, and you cannot “un-see” the thing.   Easily

The Matrix

­ The Matrix The number of things in life that hold it together but are seldom noticed is amazing.   They operate in the behind the scenes way to allow us to go on with life in ways that seem almost “expected” to be that way.   Little thought is given to the maid at the hotel you last stayed, but certainly you expected the room to be clean and tidy and would mention it if otherwise.   Your food at the drive up window, made by people unseen, is right so often that it is taken for granted that it will be again today.   That the pastor will have a message and the heat or air conditioning would be on is not even considered by you unless it is out of the normal range.   So much is found to be “expected” that to ponder the things we take for granted we might forget our role and what we do as part of that network of labors and results.   The actions of the teacher and the CEO, the messenger and the Marine, the plumber and the homeowner, and how each of them needs and counts o