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The Ring

The Ring.   The ring was distinct, the edges were clear.   Round in the most normal of ways but specific in its own thickness.   The ring was the result of time and the forces that formed it.   Like others that had come before, it was natural and obvious in its growth and development, but larger this time.   Not exactly a copy, but a continuation of those that had come before. This ring had variations that were the result of the forces that made it, individual and singular.  The one that formed the ring would know of the details and the struggles and the time needed to complete it.   And time moved on.   The ring would show the evidence of all that was a part of that time but would be silent about it.   The evidence would show in a time yet unknown.   Many more rings would be formed before that day. The number can matter, but not to each ring. Each is a record of that which went into the form and size.   The dryness or lush times that are told.   The times of fire


Worthy   Deserved is a word I don’t like much.  People will loosely bandy about the word in glib applications, in a “but of course” kind of manner.  You know the type of use, that “you deserve” that prize, or job, or token of recognition. After a conversation with a cancer survivor the word took on the question of having “deserved” that?  Was it a punishment, to have done something that was so egregious that cancer was the thing that was “deserved? To make a list of this type of result will set you back if you think about it too long.  Children stolen off of the street never heard from again.  Soldiers that come home and those that don’t.  Those that do, but are not as when they were deployed. Is “deserved” the result of some cosmic lottery pick that they have been given?  There needs to be a better thought.   When the issue of an ordeal of some nature, larger than your own actions have brought about, the phrasing matters.  So too the issue of the capricious nature of all that is invol