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The Gift

The gift Actually, it came as a surprise.   The gift was simple enough, a gold chain with a heart, but it was that it was a gift and not expected that carried the weight of it.   Simple, in that it was not gaudy and flashy.   Simple, in that it carried no expectations.   Simple as well, in that the gift and the giver were gracious in the giving and the receiver was matching in the receiving of it.   It wasn’t the first gift and it won’t be the last.   It will always be gracious.   That is how the system works.   Surprise, gracious and without strings that complicate. It wasn’t always that way.   The maxim is that “You cannot give what you do not have”.   That was, and is, always the case.   What you don’t know is the process for any individual story that carried the teller of that tale from before to after.   It is the same for your story as well.   No one knows unless you tell, unless you have a companion that will share it on your behalf.   In the movie Jaws, from