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Looking Down

If you look down and the path you are on is clear, then someone else made it for you.  This may be news to you, or perhaps not.  It seems axiomatic in some ways.  School, college, internship or first job will all have a well-worn path that many have trotted before you.  Some are so well travelled that they are paved.  A paved path is neither wrong nor bad, it simply “is”.  For some that don’t ponder about it, the path is clear all the way through retirement and a condo in a warm climate. There are times that we are confronted with the fork in the road, and we may choose the “path less traveled” which makes all the difference, therefore. However can be simply less traveled and at times challenging and even scarry.  Perhaps even dangerous and threatening to us or our companions, not to mention the finances or the real possibility of failure and starting over.  Ignominy, ruined reputation, betrayal, divorce, alone, these and many more are the options that come our way.  We may be starting