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Cohesion  The mess was mine.  The mess was close.  The mess came in an instant.  In an unexpected way the water broke all around me, I could not make it stop.  It ran until it was done of its own accord.  Like the sobs of a wounded soul, there was no stopping until the exhaustion was pervasive.  The work of keeping it all together and contained was captured in the spring, and had been released.  The work had been hidden from the unsuspecting, the uninterested and, myself as well.  I had not taken the account of the labor needed to hold it all in place.  To keep the plates spinning and balls juggling and the tension “just so”.   Seemingly innocent was the question.  Seemingly simple was the reply.  It was the gaze that was different.  It was the intensity that made the difference.  The eyes that did not simply accept the pat answers and glib explanations.  It was the power of those eyes that drilled deep and would not avert.  Would not look away.  Would know the pain, bu