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This is a piece that confronts your dashed dream, recovery, and hope renewed enough to speak it out loud.  Be strong, but not too strong.  Be gentle, but not passive.  Actively lean into your wound with 1% more courage than fear. Cherith There is a tale in the Old Testament about Elijah having put a curse on rain so that a drought will come.   Then he is told to “Go to the brook Cherith”.   The idea is that the birds will bring you meat and you can drink from the brook.   So, he does.   Obedience is a discipline, which means you can get better at it by exercising it. While he is there, he is learning to trust that the birds will do their job, and then he grows accustomed to the daily acts that keep him alive.   The problem is that the brook dried up.   That is what happens without rain.   He is then told to “go to the city gate and find a woman that is out of food and ready to kill her son and die herself.”   So, he does.   The point here is to take the trust th