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The Glittering Stars

The glittering stars. It isn’t every night that the stars are so wonderfully brilliant, but the nights that are, are so stunning.   The memory of the clear nights and the time spent in the wonder of the heavens is part of the foundation that makes you feel insignificant and yet humbled by the love of the Creator.   The different times of the year when the planets come along and change the whole dynamic, spinning through the different houses of the zodiac and the constellations.   Larger and different colors, the planets lend a bit of variety to the slow-moving dance that is the star palette.   The fun times when the dipper is upside down and Drago’s tail is over his head.    It is fun to point out the constellations to the people that don’t see them.   Trying to gain clarity and placement in the midst of so many stars. Some people don’t get it.   The non-moving North Star, and the awe of the Northern Lights. Humbled by the impotence on an overcast nigh

It was like a Bandage.

It was a bandage, in a way The wound was hidden.   The fear was real, but unspoken. The fact that you knew was a surprise to me.   But you knew. You comforted quietly, for your fears were there as well.   You saw what was unknown to others. It was a bandage, in a way.   The gentleness was a kind surprise.   The warmth of the cloth you had moistened was comforting and the touch was natural. Slowly, and with care, came the relief. The anxiety was going away, and a feeling of ease was replacing it. The apprehension preventing letting anyone know was going away, because now you know.   I didn’t have to pretend anymore. Relief had come with your touch, your eyes, your concern. Your quiet strength. It was a bandage, that I would use to cover and to protect, and to start the healing. Like a shell it would do its job, on the outside, and like a sponge it would absorb the mess that would surely be there, on the inside. Regardless of the type of bandage, the pain is