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This little bit of here and this present moment called now.

This little bit of here and this present moment called now.   I found myself in a place and time I was not wanting.   This place called “change”.   Thrust upon me in a fashion undesired, in a manner unexpected.   A force that was unrelenting and I was incapable to withstand.   To pretend was not an option.   To wish it was not so… futile.   Seminal.   As in the place that on this day things turned.   This force of nature that was above and beyond the reach of my arm and the grasp of my fingers.   The feeble and impotent attempts to alter, had their result.   Nothing but failure, and exhaustion.   Change was here.   Not soon to come.   Now. Like a small boat on a turbulent sea.   Tossed about and at the same time, beneath the peak of waves looking to the sky and then up again, into the blasting winds.   The churning violence and the impending doom.   The noise and the spray and the rawness, all with the power to overwhelm… The news was upon me.   Brought by a f

The face in the mirror

The sound I heard was old.   The vibration penetrated through me. It was large. It was not a sharp sound or a fast moving sound, but rather a sound like nothing I have heard in a very long time. Specific and clear. Someplace in my mind something awoke.   A sleeping thing that I had not been aware was hibernating.   It, this thing not known, was moving, but I was not afraid. The sound was not something I had heard with that part of my mind that pays attention to such things.   There was not a file or a folder of this sound in the registry of things to be mindful of.   So begins the first page of the new file, the recognition that it was already known, and yet never known.   The stirring thing was there, for it knew as well.   Like a call from the depths of the universe and far away, but now here and now calling on me. The sound was not even acknowledged by my companions, as best I could tell, for they did not even stir.   The chatter and banter moved swiftly on