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Before Christmas

 Before Christmas Sometime before Christmas I sent a note. One of the reasons was to let that person know that they are worthy of the time and the effort to send a piece of paper through the mail. To give a moment of reflection, and to get something in the mail other than junk or a bill. We seldom get these anymore and it is a good habit to begin anew. Sometime before the list of people that we send cards to and get cards from, shift the paradigm. Think of the one that you think of often and send anything to seldom. Think of those that have been in the “year of firsts”. You know, the first “something” after the event that forever changed their lives. Regardless if it is a marriage or a birth, a divorce or a death, their lives are rolling through the list of “firsts” and it is different for them. It could be the same for you. Your first day of retirement or limping with the new set of circumstances from the last bit of trauma. We all know someone in this place. The “First” something