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Naming your Dragons

Naming your dragons (Written about when I decided to take control of my life back)  The conversation was rather simple really. It started with a few light comments, we were strangers actually, but the question was direct and pointed.   The questions came in sequence and progressed from simple to the more complex. “I have never seen a pet like that.”   Even though it was on a leash, you can understand the curiosity as the pet was a dragon.   It was quite small, but still, it was a dragon.   Pointy tail, scales small but powerful wings, pointy things on its head and green/yellow eyes.   While it is not your normal leashed pet, there it was.   “Does it have a name?” was next.   That is when things took a turn. “The name is Insecurity”, I said.   “It is actually one of a litter, but I had left the remainder at home.”   The look was curious, and the questions came with a new tone, inquisitive but more guarded this time.   “Do they all have names?” was next.   “

Personal Pain

Personal Pain The transformation of the pain in our life into something that can be processed is quite a challenge.   The notion that it can be converted into a power source is not even a thought to most people and if mentioned is a laughable one at best.   Pain is to be endured at the least and avoided if possible.   Inoculation and hedging against future blows is the road most traveled… Personal pain is a reality of ownership.   Not for everyone to know, these are items taken out of their own private box for a very select group.   Sometimes it is a group of only one.   This is the pain that is scary, sticky, and sometimes not yet congealed into a shape that can be corralled with adjectives.   Real and very powerful, this is pain that is a “slow to heal wound”.   Like a broken rib or shin splints, the pain is inside and in certain activities debilitating.   But the knowledge that it cannot be shared is a wound just as real.   This is the boomerang pain.   Residual