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As Much as I Need

As much as I need The question was short and straight forward.   The eyes were imploring and sincere. The depth of the need for satisfaction required a real answer.   No trite and simple platitudes will suffice.   The questioner was 4 and I was looking into the depth of heaven.   If I was shallow with this query I would forever be regarded as “less” somehow.   Of character that was both flawed and dismissive of the power inherent in the question and disrespectful of the one that asked.   Trivializing the soul of the questioner and the merit of the question at the same time.   Only by respecting that magnitude of enquiry with an authentic answer can you build a solid foundation for the future.   Children have an innate awareness of the “realness” of the one that is talking to them. Disrespecting that has a cost. It is a simple step for children to cross into the realm of fantasy.   Fantasy is clear for kids and the boundaries can be defined and explained.   The


Molting The season was upon me and I was not prepared.   The signs had been there but the attention to them was not.   The edge of the awareness took me by surprise, and the knowledge that this would take some time became clear.   It was a time of molting. The process is natural.   The timeline is not.   The reality of the magnitude is always a surprise.   It has taken place many times, but always I am caught off guard.   As a child becoming more.   As a dreamer facing realities harsh winds.   As the skeptic confronted with mystery and awe.   The seasons that come and the transformation to the new.   But first comes the process that brings it to pass.   Molting. Molting is that which removes the former shell and allows the confined to expand.   The restricted to become free.   It is in the process of that growth that the realities of the present are also revealed.   It is by the shedding of the hard shell that the freedom of the new comes to pass, but it i