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In the Dark

In the Dark I wrote this as a description of people going through the process of recovery and starting again.  We all move through that at our own pace, and can't know the cadence of another.  Enjoy. There is a place underwater that the light stops penetrating.  It is different depending on the part of the ocean that you go to, but the point of no light is still there.  To go to this part of the dark water with a sub and turn on the lights you will find some creatures that thrive in these waters.  The individual adaptations will be just that, individual.  The types of actions are also very specific.  The pictures of these creatures are amazing. To get to a place that is so deep that light is gone is quite of journey.  The path to this level requires more than a casual step into a part of life that is not generally frequented.  Mostly it is avoided.  The parts of this depth that are different is that the pressures are truly phenomenal.  The lack of plants and the nee