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As I type this it is early August in 2020. The year has been unlike any before it in many ways. Currently there is a river in China that has been flooding for 2 months and there are several million people displaced. There is a serious concern that the largest dam in the world will fail and flood many more cities and destroy the lives of many people. This is the time in which we live. While there has been great upheaval in the world regarding the Covid Virus, it is transforming the lives and dreams of many that expected the stasis of their lives to continue. It has revealed many points of previous stress that would maintain that load until the “last straw” showed up and the system changed. I won’t say it “failed” for that would imply that something broke. Nothing broke. Much has been revealed that was considered “normal” that was simply something we took for granted. CS Lewis said, “to the common Christian the strength of their faith is nothing more than a warm meal and a safe