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Thoughts on Divorce

  On Divorce   This is not a complete work, but a few observations.   It is not all personal, but it is all true.   It is about the parts that move, and the ones that don’t.   The issue, at its core, is that of failure.   Failure to listen, failure to tell.   Failure to hear what is not said, and to do things that drive you to the edge of hope or fear.   The church doesn’t know what to do with it.   Society doesn’t know what to do with it.   Those that are adamant about how correct they are, are the most afraid of it happening to them.   Our friends are unclear about what to do with it when it happens.   Most of the time it is only a trail of loss and the crumbs of our past strewn along as we go.   The rending of the fabric of our relationships and lives is a sound you cannot not remember.   You can imagine the lamb that has it's tail docked and has to re-orient its life and adapt to the new reality.   No one wins, but some have hope of the pain stopping, and the possibility of