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Space for me The story is a curious thing.   It is a part of you and yet it is complete in itself. It takes on a life of its own if it is not told, and the contest is to let it out or keep it constrained. The strength of it is developed in secret, in dreams and angry but controlled behaviors. It grows until it can no longer be contained. The tale she told came with sobs.   Not at first for that was a time of fun and whimsy.   The beginning was wide ranging and free flowing.   Fast and slow, light and easy then taking sharper turns to the place that was only hinted at in the corner of the mouth and the fear in the eyes.   There came a place that it became apparent that it was driving the conversation and not following it.   This is a story that wanted to be told. It was on the way to the surface, for the first time in a very long time.   All it was needing was some space to fill, and permission to become.   I gave the story both.   I was prepared to be the reci

Truth Tsunami

Truth They say that the “truth will set you free”.   Those aren’t the words that you would use right now though.   The words may have been “true”, but they were anything but liberating.   Words.   From one that I trusted to use the right words, to convey a bit of information.   To tell a story. Think about it like a tight rope walker, with a balancing pole in their hands.   It is a bit of weight that is added to one end, this bit of truth.   The pole bends in that direction.   In the need to level the pole you look around for a bit of something to hang on the other end.   Words come like a river: Hope, Trust, Support, Hate, Anger, Resentment.   You can put any of these there and you will become level again.   How about “resolve”.   We all know of the one that is a stoic that simply “stiffens” to withstand the news. These are choices that we can make.   The ones that have a lasting effect.   At least for a time. Words. Told by a friend or at least someone respec