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And Now

And Now What will I do?  It seems that a page has turned and the path, while not visible for very far, seems one that is of the sort that I can trod.  This path of the new day, the journey that is not known but is in the known expectation.  I am comfortable with this level of not knowing. It is an adventure that is absent the fear and terror that was the last section I had traveled. Life comes at you, and at times quickly.  It seldom has those signs you would find on a ski slope, the Double Diamond or the Moguls, so you would at least know that you could end up a crumpled mess at the bottom when you started over the edge.  Most of life is missing those types of signs. Gravity is real.  Sometimes you will get a tingle in your skin, if you are paying attention, that something is up… but the rest of life comes without labels and warnings.   Yesterday a 14-year-old girl was walking home from school and was hit by another 14-year-old that was driving with a school permit.  While she is stil