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It was a good time.

It was a good time.     The time to hear the call had come.  The time to heed that call was real, as well.  It was a good time.  The call was to go to a place that was unknown.  It would be an adventure, but that would mean unknown things would lurk in the shadows.  But it was time.   There is a time and then there is a place to go to.  It is a destination, with a purpose.  The trouble is that you are not certain about the full understanding of that.  There is a Buddhist story about the river that you put your foot into that by the act of taking that step, the river is changed from the river that had not had your foot in it.  It is this same thing, that by acting on the call the call takes on a new form, because you are now a part of that adventure. It is still a good time to listen to that call.   The trip to adventure is an adventure as well.  You may have heard the tale of life is a journey.  It is this idea that your daily interactions with random people, at the gas station perhaps