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Resolved There is a scene in the movie ‘Forest Gump’ nearing the later middle part Forest has become wealthy and is free to indulge his passions.   He begins to run for some reason and so begins the sojourn.   Much time is spent in the pursuit of some quest, and soon there are some ‘hangers- on’ that run with him.   Someplace in the great West, on a road of little consequence he stops.   You can see the machinery running in the background of his head, and then the answer… with a commitment to the resolution he turns and runs back the way he came.   The hangers on have no idea why they are running, other than to follow, so they turn as well.   This is the distinction; people who know why and people that don’t. What took so long, why here and why now? What fermenting process finally completed its task? We don’t know.   All that is known is that it clicked, and away Forest went.   With a purpose.   The task ahead clear and the results uncertain.   What was


I wrote this a few months ago. I had the chance to talk to an old friend who told me a tale, I didn't wish to know, but was ready to be told. It is a call to see farther and to see deeper into those that around you every day.  Take a look, you may find a new friend. Someone to listen to, someone to tell. Space for me The story is a curious thing.   It is a part of you and yet it is complete in itself. It takes on a life of its own if it is not told, and the internal contest is to let it out or keep it constrained. The strength of it is developed in secret, in dreams and angry but controlled behaviors. It grows until it can no longer be contained. The tale told came with sobs.   Not at first for that was a time of fun and whimsy.   The beginning was wide ranging and free flowing.   Fast and slow, light and easy then taking sharper turns to the place that was only hinted at in the corner of the mouth and the fear in the eyes.   There came a place t