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Where the beaten go...

Where the beaten go. Bonhoeffer, while in prison, said that he was more-free than his captors.   This of course has nothing to do with the body but the mind.   The email about the lady going to the nursing home talking about how she was just going to “love her new room, and the new roommate” had nothing to do with the person she would be rooming with and everything to do with the mind.   Corrie Ten Boom once told her sister to give thanks for lice as it kept the guards from raping them, again nothing to do with the body.   So where is that you go when you are being maligned and reviled, threatened or beaten.   After a while there is a numbness that comes onto the body and the blows have no effect.   In some forms the numbness of frost bite occurs even to the point of feeling so hot you undress and try to cool down, all while you are freezing to death.   Others being gang raped or repeatedly raped by the same violator tell of a place that they go to “escape” th

Out of ...

Out of… Out of hope             My motivation changed   Out of desire             I formulated a plan   Out of love             The justification came Out of pain             The words turned into action Out of remorse             The barriers were removed Out of Justice             Comes the Truth Out of Truth             Came Life From the right and from the left the statement reads the same.   The actions are different, the tone is different, and the results are different. Read with a pleasant voice and a sweet tone the words are filled with empathy and purity. This produces the solid and foundational base of actions that are the tales of the giants of faith, the story of the hero. The dramatic change comes when they are read from the perspective of the drained.   Without hope yet demanded upon. Without love yet required to. Without remorse, there is no boundary to cross.   This is the nuance of the English language.   Spoken i

Cards and Calls

Between the card and the call. There is part of each of us that is seldom brought to the front and sometimes it shows up unannounced, and then we go hmm.   It happens, and when we think about it we have a warm feeling about the awareness that we noticed, and a twinge.   The twinge is similar to a cool drink on a warm day when we were kids and had been playing hide and seek, and you could feel it run down the entire throat to your stomach.   Not just the cold in your mouth, but so much more… I think that there is a similar place that gets a bit of sunshine from time to time, and if we allow it, and don’t scare it back into the dark place, we will realize that we were glad that it came out. I saw it happen the other day and it went like this.   Very simply the other person said, “Thanks for the call.   I really appreciated you taking the time to make the call.”   That’s it.   I hope you weren’t expecting more… there isn’t any.   I simply acted on the prompti