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No Problem

No Problem We all know that certain times and events come into the lives of our families and ourselves, that force us to ponder the issue of Justice.   We start as children with the innate understanding of “fair” and it does not subside until we pass.   You have heard or have said the words, “That’s not fair!”…. Sometimes with tears and loud exclamations of anger.   Occasionally the words will just be words and the solution can be found simply.   Other times the answer is never known.   When these come in succeeding waves of the unknown point, the missing “why”, we get to the place of crying out in the darkness.   This is real and if you have been spared then I am glad for you. Most of us have stepped into these waters.   We feel the coolness of the water and constrict at the knowing.   Perhaps the magnitude is yet to be revealed but we know it in it’s current form and can guess at the way it will develop.   But perhaps we will guess wrong about the speed or t