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The Calling

The calling The tyranny was as it always is.   Small things at the office about your desk, or countywide with oppression and deaths, tyranny is not about that.   Tyranny is about the “what’s next” and the “unknown” that allows it to continue.   The fear of the unknown thing, the desert for Moses after the exodus and the cry of the people to return, is but one example.   Yours is your own.   The knowledge that if you leave, then the next step will be a desert resides deep within you. So you submit, and you stay. One of the things that I do is sift the current situation to see just how I am framing the conversation in my head.   Perhaps I am overreacting or the other person is having a bad “month”... it could be that they have a problem at home that they bring to work or that they were passed over for that job they were promised... I just don’t know.   What I do know is that it is either a phase or the nest step on the way to the bottom.   I will need to choose

The Indulgence

The indulgence It started with the simple awareness of it.   That bit of pretentiousness reveals it had started long before and it was only the naivety that I was unaware of its working, which was new. I walked through my days and would occasionally spin the dial of my memory and the item chosen came to mind.   Random selection or intentional choice, the memory was a simple trail to a place of remembrance.   The idea that it is a good memory, or a place of turmoil is part of the surprise.   That you would choose a selection on purpose is to find a value there. So, when you think of your good memory you are buoyed and rejuvenated.   Able to proceed, to be strong and encouraged. I think of my Grandmother and am brought to a memory of a woman that had dealt with many trials in her life.   She had lived in a Sod House as a child on the prairie.   Dealing with bugs and rain and snakes, having to “sweep the dirt floor” and straighten up the place… makes my “hangnail