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Are You?

Are you? “At ease?”, the question, softly asked. “At ease”, I said.   And I was.   That hidden and elusive paradise that is also quick to fold and run away.   It was the chunky soup of the thing that made it happen. All of the ingredients and in the right order and in the right proportions and the right spices to finish it all.   It is like the last night of a vacation on a secluded beach with a fire and a sunset with a glass of wine, a gentle breeze and a close friend. A knowing glance of acceptance, and you are transported to a place that you may not often go… At ease. You really do know, it isn’t a place that you go to.   It is a place that you allow to bloom and enfold you.   If it is strong and flexible, then it will also enfold others into your cocoon of ease.   The test is simply that, do you create space for others in your world?   How many, when, in what circumstances, of what breadth of different or sameness?   The same in reverse, who creates that f

The touch

The touch It is everywhere.   I walked past the entrance to the airport and the display is on parade.   The touch.   Not the “may I help you” touch of a friend when you have fallen.   Not the touch on your arm or back as you describe a difficult time.   It is the touch of intimacy that comes with both the parting and the return from a trip that is written on the face and found in the embrace of a loved one.   Genuine and forced, hopeful and fearful. Anticipation and dread.   All of these and so many more emotions are on display, if you will but look.   The trips are varied and the reasons many, but the parting is the same; personal.   Some went through the ritual at home and arrived at the airport alone.   Already on the journey, with the memory of the parting in the past.   Some were clamorous with a gaggle of kids dealing with separation anxiety and others were silent as the divorce is still fresh.   The parting and the return will be the same for both.