Dogs Like Trucks

Dogs like trucks          

This seems axiomatic. Of course, dogs love trucks... The tail wagging, the tongue flopping and the nose out the window.  Spontaneously we smile when we see one, and ponder our own “dog/truck” situation and either blissfully wish or hope to get home soon to go for a ride.  Out in the pasture to check the cows or simply to go to town and show off the drooling pooch, we know we love the truck as much as the dog does.

Here is a thought though which might explain things a bit.  Dogs like cars too.  They will drool and stick their nose out any moving vehicle they can get a ride in.  Seemingly, endlessly fascinated with the changing scenery and the new smells on the wind, they always smile at you.  Dogs are a fascinating animal in this animal kingdom.  One of their traits that is different is that they look you in the eye.  Sometimes for direction, sometimes for approval or that knowing that they should have gone outside 10 min ago…  Funny faces and animated eyes they are the perpetual smiler and live in the now and think “this will last forever” regardless of the activity.

Dogs like trucks for a simple reason though.  You are in it with them.  If the truck is going someplace, they are with you.  Cars or trucks, Jeeps or even a motorcycle, they simply want to be together, get a scratch on the head and a snack now and then.  It is about the companionship of a fellow traveler that matters.  It is a mutual thing for us as well.  The master and the mutt, together side by side.  It is the root and basis of a friendship of trust and support.

Recently I read of a nursing home that had the hound wandering the hall and climbing on the scooter of a resident for a trip to the lunch room… more sneaky snacks to come.  The pooch and the pal.  It is about being together.  The reason boys and their dads go camping.  Fires are cool, mountain hikes are memorable, but it is about the time together.  Assurance and companionship and the simple knowledge of acceptance.  It is found in the story of Mr. Bo Jangles and his dog. Why we are all sad at his passing and we know this path in the life of a friend to a final rest with no more snacks or smiles or drool. Deeply personal. Deeply special. 

While it is interesting to me that some pets are better companions than people, it is perhaps simply a substitute relationship that won’t let you down. I know these people need a friend, that they have been hurt and have put up a shield for protection. I understand that very well. But perhaps what they need is a meandering and pleasant ride in a truck with the window down and some whimsical conversation about nothing. A place to be free enough to stick your head out the window and let your hair blow and your mouth making funny sounds with your tongue in the breeze.  The place of a companion that will rub your hair back and smile at the simple knowledge that you are with them, even if you have no place to go but the park.  Dogs like trucks because you are there.  So do your friends. So do you.


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