There is a scene in the movie ‘Forest Gump’ nearing the later middle part Forest has become wealthy and is free to indulge his passions.  He begins to run for some reason and so begins the sojourn.  Much time is spent in the pursuit of some quest, and soon there are some ‘hangers- on’ that run with him.  Someplace in the great West, on a road of little consequence he stops.  You can see the machinery running in the background of his head, and then the answer… with a commitment to the resolution he turns and runs back the way he came.  The hangers on have no idea why they are running, other than to follow, so they turn as well.  This is the distinction; people who know why and people that don’t.

What took so long, why here and why now? What fermenting process finally completed its task? We don’t know.  All that is known is that it clicked, and away Forest went.  With a purpose.  The task ahead clear and the results uncertain.  What was resolved is that it would be a worthy endeavor.  So, it began.

It is the same for you and it is the same for me.  It is that which clarifies after a period of fog and darkness.  For the sailing vessels in times past, it is the first wisp of wind after a prolonged number of days in the ‘doldrums’’ where nothing moved.  It is the hope of things to come.  It is that breath of life to the hopeless and the forlorn.  It is resolution ending the days of confusion and indecision.  It is purpose and commitment to the cause, with results uncertain, trials unknown and the tenacity to begin, but the steadfastness required to continue.  Unsteady or even wrong steps to begin, but the resoluteness of the quest completed enough to begin anyway.  Not a lack of planning or preparation, but the unsteadiness of the beginner learning the way of things.  ‘I have begun’ is the motto.  Committed to the cause.

When this is the case the hills seem smaller, or at least surmountable.  They are of the stuff of the simple path that needs completed.  This is the way of things, and it must be done. Trials come, as do setbacks.  So it is. So it will be.  To the one that knows why, it is ok. At times not best, and at times a reversal.  So it is.

When your friend does this, it seems odd.  When you do this, it is epic. Off to the war is your cry, for the battle is a worthy one to engage in.  The test of your mettle and steadfastness in the face of uncertainty and possible reversals. You see it reflected in the eyes and the hearts of your companions… Knowing that to face the battle with a strong heart, if not a strong arm, is to face the dragons that come in the night to wreck and destroy hopes.  To face them is the courageous thing, the noble thing.  The right thing.  They know you are the one to confront your dragon, and they cheer you on.  It is not their dragon, you alone must confront the beast that breathes lies and fears.  You must confront it as it is only yours.  It is you choosing to retake control of the gold that it hoards.  The surety of your future is in the lair that your quest takes you to.  You must confront it and the resolve is required.  The battle is truly epic, for it is your own future that you defend.  It is this that only you can do, so do it you must.  Do it you will.


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