Before Christmas

 Before Christmas

Sometime before Christmas I sent a note. One of the reasons was to let that person know that they are worthy of the time and the effort to send a piece of paper through the mail. To give a moment of reflection, and to get something in the mail other than junk or a bill. We seldom get these anymore and it is a good habit to begin anew.

Sometime before the list of people that we send cards to and get cards from, shift the paradigm. Think of the one that you think of often and send anything to seldom. Think of those that have been in the “year of firsts”. You know, the first “something” after the event that forever changed their lives. Regardless if it is a marriage or a birth, a divorce or a death, their lives are rolling through the list of “firsts” and it is different for them. It could be the same for you. Your first day of retirement or limping with the new set of circumstances from the last bit of trauma. We all know someone in this place. The “First” something is not the last by any means. It will always have an anniversary that will come around.

Sometime before Christmas is a time of unexpected surprise. To be thought of with no sense of obligation or prompting. Simply to be “worthy” of the thought. Write it out. Use good paper. Place with care the thoughts and wishes of your heart. Don’t worry about penmanship or spelling errors, they will be forgiven in light of the gift of your time and the effort you took to simply acknowledge their value. Tell of the value of their being in your life, simply by being in your life.

Sometime soon, as time gets away from us. Fill your calendar with random “to do” items like this. Buy a few nice cards and take the short time for a short note and then continue with your day. The curious thing is that as you begin this habit of “Value telling” you will find names coming to mind randomly through the weeks going forward. “I need to send a card to…” will cross your mind. If you have the cards at hand, it will go swiftly and take little time at all, and the message will be of great merit. More than you will know. You will stand out all the more as it is so seldom done, even as you speak of the friendship of the one to whom it is sent.

Not long after will be the awareness of the desire to receive one in your mail. Perhaps it would be a good time to do just that. Send a note to yourself and remind yourself of the forgiveness for the thing you were weak on. Hope for the future. Value to the world for the willingness to arise from the day full of struggle and pain and continue anyway. You too are worthy of this awareness. Sometimes we need to tell ourselves again. The strength of humility is the companion of wisdom. Do not puff or lie to yourself, but be certain that you are honest about your value as well as your “growth points” going forward. It is ok, your “knower” already knows.

Sometime later will come a call, and a story. The right thought. The right timing. The right gift of tenderness. Listen well and be accepting of their story and their appreciation. Little thoughts that carry a large value. Larger than you will ever know. Perhaps that is the point, because you don’t need to know. You are the actor and not passive in this world. Do. Then Do again. Lead, even if it is only your own life. It has a magnetic effect on others. Perhaps to attract. Perhaps to repel. Always to move.

Sometime before Christmas. Perhaps now.



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